Webbon media currently works with regional and international productions. The vision is to be a strong regional/northern partners in the global movie heaven. Tamara Sushko has a long experience in film production and since the early 2009, she has actively worked as a photographer for various films. She has also made her own documentary about people living in severe conditions in the northern regions including Africa and Siberia. Furthermore, she runs a production company called Webbon Media along with her son Yegor Sushko, a talented programmer whom have participated in some production work in Northern Norway.

Webbon Media is a networking platform for filmmakers from Russia as well as a platform for Swedish filmmakers to present their work at Russian film festivals.

Balalaika vs Organ

Documentary film about a woman who took the risk in changing her life and moving to another country

Scissors and secret

World War II saw 140 children born to Soviet parents imprisoned in Nazi work camps in Norway.

Apples on the wall

Strong story about Kirsten Basma that escaped Russia during World War II

Our Experience

WebbOn is a Swedish media company, established in 2009. We specialise mainly on media design and media production services but also have knowledge and people within online marketing services. Our team consist of many professionals in different areas that are excellent to provide top quality services and make a bit extra for the clients but also able maneuver according to their budget.

Web Development - 10 Years
Web Development - 10 Years
Marketing & PR - 5 Years
Graphic Design - 12 Years
Video Production - 8 Years
3D Design - 7 years
Programming - 8 years

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Most of the services that we provide can be done through various form of media communication tools, such as e-mails, phone calls, and many more because it provides us with the opportunity to work with customers from all over the world, therefore, making it more suitable nation-wide.