Two of the latest documentary films produced by WebbOn Media were nominated at the Russian Film and TV festival Northern Character in Murmansk 26 to 28 November. One of them, “Children of Destiny”, won an award in the category Best Youth programs.

The movie features a Russian student Jegor Sushko and a Swedish girl Emma Wahlberg leavе their prospective studies and careers and set off for Tanzania to help the 26 orphans, to build a sustainable foundation.

Children of Destiny foundation is an orphanage located in Moshi, Tanzania. a company own by Margaret Mponda is the founder of the Children of Destiny foundation and a mother figure to all the children. Her enthusiasm and the mutual love between her and the children made Children of Destiny possible which right now is home to 26 children, 11 girls and 15 boys.

When Jegor and Emma arrived to the place they had big dreams of helping the foundation to become independent, to have their own home, and garden so they could grow own food. But the reality was much more different from their dreams. The rented house where kids were living was falling apart and even though it was not enough money to pay for it. Food and clothes was partly bought with money some individuals were sending from abroad and partly from Margaret’s loans. So in 6 months Jegor and Emma spent time looking for ways to reach foundations dreams and they are still trying. They were teaching kids math and English. And also made a couple of websites for them to search for sponsors and found money to support the foundation.

Another documentary had the world premiere of their new movie “Apples on the wall”. Directed and filmed by Tamara Sushko where she found out how it was to be a war refugee. The story is based on Kirsten Erikssons life. Kirsten grew up in Kirkenes, but then became refugees during two periods in her life during the World War II. Her family fled to Russia by a boat then Kirsten as a war child was sent to Sweden. Today Kirsten Basma Erricsson is a well-known theater producer, designer and has also done theater production “Swedish-Ongan”.
We wanted to make an art film about Kirsten because She carries a strong and poetic related to many humanitarian questions that are still present today. The film feels relevant at this time because of the ongoing refugee crisis in the world”, says Tamara.