Main characters

Marina Chogdu– a single mother who was born in Tofalaria. She has two jobs, a tiny ancient house and a secret.
Kolya Chogdu – Marinas son, who is studying in the local city and is torn between Tofa and modern life.
Gena Chogdu – cousin to Kolya, he is a hunter and has made a choice to live in harmony with the simple beauty of life in his motherland, he also made a choice to be without his family who also live in Tofalaria.


This movie is accepted for the Ethnografilm 2015 festival in Paris, France. The festival will be held in the Cine 13 Theatre (1 Avenue Junot) April 9 through April 12. There will be an opening reception on the evening of April 8. We have a program called Art for Film. Selected films will be viewed by local artists, who select a screen shot from your movie and transform that into an original artwork. These works are displayed at the theater in Paris. Attending filmmakers will be presented with this piece at the festival.

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Tamara Sushko, Rod Morris